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The Lunchbox with EagleTEQ Advisors

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Steve Braverman - Panelist

Founding Partner

EagleTEQ Advisors

Steve has multiple successful start up ventures under his belt and is a born entrepreneur.... More

Curt Allen - Panelist

Managing Partner

EagleTEQ Advisors

Curt has deep experience on both the provider and partner side of the technology space with roles as... More

Mike Schmidtmann - Panelist



Mike Schmidtmann, CEO, Trans4Mers ... More

Ken Bisnoff - Panelist

Founding Partner

EagleTEQ Advisors

Ken has over 30 years of experience leading high-performing organizations through periods of rapid... More

Cardi Prinzi - Panelist


EagleTEQ Advisors

In a career spanning four decades, Cardi has gained a wealth of experience as a sales and marketing... More

Carolyn Bradfield - Moderator

Founder & CEO

Convey Services & Cloud Conventions

Carolyn Bradfield is a seasoned CEO with 5 successful start-up ventures, 4 self-financed, achieving... More